Google Maps Upgrade

Your phone is pretty smart but it can be a Lot Smarter.
You already have Google Maps installed.
Why not accept the upgrade and put it on Sterroids?

Find the Best Deals that are Close, NOW.

Stay Informed.

Amazing Navigation
Indoors or Outdoors.

You have all the Control.

Ultimate Upgrade

  • Your Map view will show the Logos of Local Businesses who want to treat you special and you'll see their deal when you get close.
  • You have all the control with different filters to see What you want, When you want.
  • Scroll the map to the general area of a business you need to find, click the navigation button and be taken there with the Google Turn-by-turn directions.
  • Set your system to find the best local deals On Auto-Pilot, according to your Location and Preferences.
  • And that's just the beginning...

Indoor Mapping

  • You also get GooPLUS, an indoor mapping and navigation system that will change how you shop.
  • Imagine being able to pinpoint a store in a mall.
  • It even knows which floor you are on.
  • Find a business and then be directed to the different items you want in the business.
  • The items will describe themselves to you just by you approaching them.
  • Or how about finding your gate at the airport? You just click and it directs you right to your gate.

A Part of appSAVE®

If you don't have appSAVE® on your phone now, you are in for a treat. 

The Find Cash App

In addition to giving you the Upgrade to GooMAPS it will turn your phone into a Cash Finding Machine because it will find the Best Local Deals that are CLOSE, not those that are clear across town.

Best Loyalty Programs

Imagine having All your Loyalty Programs from every vendor in One Place, right on your phone, and it keeps track of every one of them on Auto-Pilot.

Just the Beginning

This is only the tip of the Iceberg.
Watch the movies just below for a quick introduction.

A Quick Summary.

How does it Work and What can it do for Me?

Can it make my Next Event Better?

We've just shown you the Tip of the Iceberg

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