We have Four Goals

For the time being GooTOUR is FREE.

The main goals of appSAVE® are shown below.
We need input from Cities to help us showcase their area and Chambers of Commerce for suggestions on businesses to showcase when we get to that level. A couple of businesses per area will be showcased for free to start.

Local Communities

Get more community involvement in promoting local businesses and events.

Buy Local

The #1 Priority of the appSAVE® line is to Foster and Support a Buy Local Campaign by making it easy for folks to FIND a business and then DO business.


Our Second Major Priority is to Promote the Local Area and Showcase all we have. No county or city can do it all, when we all help promote something unique happens, VIRAL Growth.

Business Growth

When all this happens a natural outcome is More Business Growth.
In UtahSAVE.com, you will note that we are backing up the concept with a personal commitment.

Always Free to Many Segments

Cities, Counties, Attractions, Non-Profit Organizations, Churches, Educational Organizations, etc.
We partner with your organization to Promote.
We don't do any of that fundraising stuff where you have to promote us to get it free.

What makes us different is we don't have to make money off tours.
That profit motivation is gone.
Ours is a Partnership motivation.

Contact us to be set up with our Local Partner in your area.

Expanding throughout North America, The Caribbean and Canada.